Koç University MD-PhD Program

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified scientists who can conduct independent research in the four basic sciences and clinical sciences, make important contributions to science, and are interested in scientific research. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with scientific research experience in their most productive age.
How is the program structured?
This graduate program, which is integrated with medicine, consists of 8 years. At the end of the 2nd year, Koç University School of Medicine Term-II students whose grade point averages are suitable for the application are notified by the Education Coordinatorship and the candidates complete their applications through the system within the framework of the determined dates. Accepted students are expected to start the program as a special student and successfully complete the pool courses determined by the Education Coordinator within 2 years and carry out their research. During this time, all students have a general advisor. At the end of the 4th year, students choose the Ph.D. program they aim to continue, and after the acceptance of the students who meet the conditions, advisors are appointed. Students are expected to successfully complete the required courses of the program in the 5th and 6th years, pass the qualification exam, carry out laboratory and experimental studies, and continue their thesis studies. Students who complete the program graduate with a doctor of medicine (MD) and doctor of science (Ph.D.) diplomas together.

Education Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Hale Yapıcı Eser / Psychiatry

Assistant Coordinators

Prof. Özlem Yalçın / Basic Medical Sciences Physiology

Assoc. Prof. Atay Vural / Neurology

Graduate School of Health Sciences Director

Prof. Tuğba Bağcı Önder

Core Program Coordinators

Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Assist. Prof. İrem Durmaz Şahin & Prof. Ceyda Açılan Ayhan & Assist. Prof. Gözde Korkmaz


Assoc. Prof. Hale Yapıcı Eser & Assoc. Prof Atay Vural

Medical Physiology

Prof. Özlem Yalçın & Prof. Sacit Karamürsel


Assoc. Prof. Yıldız Tütüncü & Prof. Caner Süsal

Reproductive Medicine

Assist. Prof. Serçin Karahüseyinoğlu & Prof. Özgür Öktem

Medical Microbiology

Prof. Füsun Can & Assoc. Prof. Mert Ahmet Kuşkucu

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Prof. Seda Kızılel & Assoc. Prof Sedat Nizamoğlu

Students are not required to choose a core program in their first 2 years in the program. During this period, the pool courses determined by the Education Coordinator are taken and the core program is decided at the end of 2 years with the guidance of the coordinators.

Cellular and Molecular Medicine


Medical Physiology


Reproductive Medicine

Medical Microbiology

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering


All applications are received through the system.
Only “submitted” applications can be evaluated.

Application Dates

12-31 August 2024

Interview Date

12 September 2024

Results Notifications

September 2024

MD-PhD Introduction Meeting

The Path to Becoming a Medical Doctor-Science Doctor: What are the Different Options?

(Medium of video is Turkish)

No limit is specified. The number of students to be admitted to the program is determined by the education coordinatorship at the beginning of each academic year.

From the 5th year in the School of Medicine, during the 2 years during which the graduate courses and thesis studies in the PhD program are carried out, students who do not have any scholarship will have a 100% tuition fee exemption.

Students are expected to apply to more than one core program with alternatives, and the most appropriate choice is determined by considering the quota.What are my chances of being accepted into the core program I am applying for?

You can, but if you think you are not suitable for the program or if you do not have the motivation to continue, we recommend that you contact the Education Coordinator first.

If you continue your medical education without taking postgraduate courses for more than two semesters, If the GPA is below 2.5, If you do not continue the program except for important reasons such as health or family reasons, you will be dismissed from the program.