Critical Care Nursing (MS)

The Master with Thesis in Critical Care Nursing is designed to build upon baccalaureate education in nursing by preparing nurses for advanced practice in the care of patients who are acutely and critically ill across the continuum of acute care services.
The Master Program in Intensive Care Nursing at Koç University is English, as a program of the Graduate of Health Sciences. Students will be provided a strong background in assessment, therapeutics and technology used in critical care units. They will also gain clinical experience within specified critical care units where the emphasis will be placed on integrating didactic knowledge with patient management and advanced technical skills.

Courses will be held on weekdays. The courses will last 14 weeks each semester. In addition, the clinical practice course will cover 8 hours of weekly practice and will last 14 weeks in total.

Although the courses will often be conducted in the Health Sciences Campus, students can be found at the Rumeli Feneri Campus for some department courses or elective courses. In addition, students will be at Koç University Hospital / Health Sciences Campus for clinical practice in the second year of the department. You can find information about the Health Sciences Campus here.

Applicants must have a Nursing Undergraduate degree. In addition, candidates who are interested in Critical Care Nursing and apply to the program must have at least 1 year of experience in the profession.


Asst. Prof. Ayda Kebapcı

Faculty Members

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Course Descriptions

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  • Critical Care Nursing Masters of Science Program includes at least seven courses, the total credits of which are no less than 21 (120 ECTS), a seminar and thesis.
  • Courses are offered during weekdays (Monday-Friday) and working hours at Koç University Hospital.
  • Nursing Undergraduate Diploma
  • Minimum 2.70 / 4 GPA
  • ALES for Turkish candidates (minimum 70 in quantitative score type) & YDS-YÖKDİL (Minimum 80)
  • GRE score for international candidates (minimum 149 in quantitative score type) & TOEFL IBT (Minimum 80)

– What is your purpose in wanting to get a postgraduate education in nursing?

– In which field do you want to research / study?

– Is there a faculty member you want to work with? If so, why would you want to work with this faculty member?

If you think this program is the right fit for your career goals, education budget and academic background we encourage you to

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Program Fees

There exists a wide spectrum of financial aid and scholarship opportunities and packages for graduate students at the Graduate School of Health Sciences. These include “KU Graduate Scholarship” funded by Koç University (%25, %50, %75, %100), BİDEB scholarship funded by TÜBITAK, Türkiye Scholarships, “Project-based Graduate Scholarship” co-funded by external sources such as TÜBİTAK, EU, industry through projects and Koç University. Nursing PhD program offers 100% scholarship (full exemption from tuition fees) for all candidates who meet the criteria.