Graduation Guidelines

Make sure that you have successfully completed all required courses & credits and that your GPA is at least 3.00. Otherwise, your graduation process cannot be started.

What should be done before the Thesis Defense

Determination of the thesis jury members and submission to the GSHS with the THESIS DEFENSE JURY APPOINTMENT FORM. (At least 3 weeks before the thesis defense meeting) (Email addresses of external members must be specified.)

Sending the PDF format of the thesis for the Turnitin report to the (At least 3 weeks before the thesis defense meeting)

Sending the THESIS DEFENSE ANNOUNCEMENT FORM to the (At least 1 week before the thesis defense meeting) (The date, time and place of presentation of the thesis or meeting link information must be filled in completely.)

What should be done after Thesis Defense

Submission of dated, fully filled and signed the THESIS DEFENSE REPORT to the GSHS

Filling in the thesis approval report and getting signatures from the jury members (THESIS WRITING GUIDE, 2nd PAGE) and submitting the thesis in 3 signed book formats to the GSHS (before going to print, sample theses can be examined in the GSHS office.

On the back of the thesis covers, the student’s name and surname, the statement MS or PhD THESIS, the thesis reference number (the number given by the system after the thesis information is uploaded by the student to the National Thesis Center), the KUSIS ID number and the date.

The thesis approval form should not be signed in accordance with the scope of Data Protection Law in the updated PDF format, which will be uploaded to the National Thesis Center; The document should not contain information such as Citizenship Nr-address-phone-mail address-place of birth-date of birth.

Submission of 2 CDs containing the PDF format of the thesis to the GSHS Submission of Suna Kıraç Library Digital Thesis Publishing Permission Form to the GSHS

Submission of Thesis data entry and Publishing Permission Form to the GSHS.

Last Steps Before Graduation:

  • Check if there are any books you need to hand over to the library.
  • Get confirmation from the Finance Office that you do not have any debts.
  • Make sure you delivered your laptop to the IT department if you have one.
  • For students staying at dormitories: make sure that you hand in your key to the Facilities Management.
  • The decision of the GSHS board required for graduation is submitted to the Registrar office within 1 week of all submissions made to the GSHS office. After that, you can contact them for exit procedures