1. What is the minimum GPA?
The minimum GPA is 2,70 for MS Programs; 3,00 for PhD Programs. Especially for the candidates who have undergraduate degrees and want to apply directly to PhD Programs, the point of 3,00 cannot be flexed according to Higher Education Council.
2. What is the required minimum TOEFL score?
It's 80 points, provided that it is internet-based and made at a state university.
3. Do you accept other exam results such as IELTS?
IELTS is not accepted, TOEFL IBT for international candidates (optional for Turkish candidates); YÖKDİL & YDS (minimum 80) exams are accepted for Turkish candidates and foreign citizens who has a temporary Turkish ID number starting with 99.
4. Does Koç University make an institutional language exam?
Permitted exam scores were specified in the 3rd article for MS and PhD program applications. Any other score is not acceptable out of these exams.
5. I have graduated from a university abroad, do you still request a TOEFL score?
Yes, it's required to TOEFL score from all non-native English speakers.
6. My undergraduate degree program was in English, do you still request a TOEFL score?
Yes, only the candidates who have a citizenship the country of native language English can be exempted from the language scores.
7. May I apply without my TOEFL result?
Yes, you must specify an estimated exam date when you're applying through the system. If you are accepted you may send the official exam result to gshs@ku.edu.tr
8. Can I apply with ALES or GRE scores?
GRE score is required for international candidates, optional for Turkish citizens. Turkish candidates and foreign citizens who have a temporary Turkish ID number starting with 99 can submit an ALES score.
9. I haven’t taken an ALES exam yet, may I still apply?
Yes, you must specify an estimated exam date when you're applying through the system. If you are accepted you may send the official exam result to gshs@ku.edu.tr
10. I am senior student and I don’t have my last semester’s transcript at the time of application, would it be a problem?
You can upload your transcripts including the semester that you are in. You can submit your graduation transcript when you register.
11. What are the quotas for each program?
They differ and these aren't announced.
12. Where can I get the statistics on ALES and GPA scores of prior years applicants?
This type of information isn't announced.
13. When will the application process start and when will the results be announced?
You can reach the application dates from here; https://gshs.ku.edu.tr/en/admissions/application-dates/ We will let you know over email whether your application has been successful or not 4-6 weeks after the application deadline published on our website. Please do not email the Graduate School before then to ask about admission decisions.
14. What is the criteria you are looking for?
After all application documents are reviewed by the Scientific Committee, the candidate can be invited for an interview upon the request of one or more faculty members. A decision is made by evaluating questions and answers during the interview, interviews on objectives, curriculum vitae, references, ongoing or completed studies, publications if any, course grades and GPA score, and academic achievement.
15. Do you invite every applicant to an interview?
Only candidates determined by the Scientific Committee are invited for an interview.
16. How do you announce the application results?
The results are sent to the candidate's e-mail via the system within 4-6 weeks after the applications are closed.
17. May I apply to an MS program which is different than my undergraduate major?
Yes, you may.
18. What are the application dates?
Application deadlines are announced on this page; https://gshs.ku.edu.tr/en/admissions/application-dates/
19. Can I submit my application online?
We accept only online application. Please visit to apply; https://apply.ku.edu.tr/gradapp/
20. Can you send me more information regarding a particular program?
Please visit the program’s own Web page for courses and curriculum. You can also learn more about faculty members and their research areas.
21. Do you accept applications for the spring term?
Yes, only the Immunology Non-Thesis Program is closed to application on Spring terms.
22. What is the criteria to get a scholarship?
Scholarships are evaluated according to academic achievement and performance during the interview with the Scientific Committee.
23. What is the tution fee?
You can reach the tuition fees and financial aids from this page; https://gshs.ku.edu.tr/en/admissions/financial-aid/
24. Are there any classes in the evenings?
No, all classes are during day time.
25. Is attendance required?
Yes, it is.
26. How can I reach the academic calender?
You can get it from the Web page of the Registrar; https://registrar.ku.edu.tr/en/academic-calendar/
27. If I am accepted, does that mean I am also going to be an assistant?
Not every student accepted to the program is accepted as an assistant. This is determined by the decision of the Scientific Committee if you are invited for an interview.
28. How many hours a week do I have to work as an assistant?
10 hours a week at most.
29. Can I work somewhere else while I am an MS or PhD student at Koç University?
This is not possible for students who receive a scholarship, but you have the chance to be accepted part-time by paying the tuition fee. Or you may have the chance to receive a scholarship over this fee, within the rate to be determined by the Scientific Committee.
30. In which language should I use to write the statement of purpose letter and my CV?
All documents submitted in the online application need to be written in English.