With the Immunology Master’s with Thesis Program conducted by Koç University Graduate School of Health Sciences, it is aimed that students who will participate in this program will obtain detailed theoretical information about basic immunological mechanisms and use this information in the field of health. The aim of the program is to investigate the effect of immunological processes on the formation of diseases, especially cancer, and to develop a translational researcher perspective that addresses critical questions about treatment, and to conduct high-impact studies in this field.

Thanks to its KUTTAM (Koç University Translational Medicine Research Center) infrastructure, Koç University creates a structure that aims to improve human health by bringing together life sciences, social sciences, engineering and medicine. While this collaboration supports the multidisciplinary working culture, it provides very suitable conditions for immunology education, an interdisciplinary science. This program has been prepared in order to evaluate this potential and to ensure that students from both medical and biological sciences are trained to adapt to contemporary technological developments. In this way the medium and long term, as well as Türkiye’s international position, our country is expected to provide important contributions to the development of new solutions for the problems of human health.

Immunology Master’s with Thesis Program cooperates with existing laboratories in the relevant fields within the faculties operating at Koç University, and provides all kinds of new treatment options, diagnostic kits, medicines and drugs for the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and control of diseases, mitigation and prevention. will provide medical device development. The program aims to provide a broad multidisciplinary approach to basic immunology knowledge such as advanced clinical immunology, transplantation, neuro-immunology, allergy, autoimmunity, tolerance, tumor immunology, and infection and immunity. Same time; Since immunology is also an interdisciplinary science, the contributions of highly qualified faculty members from other fields of medicine such as molecular genetics, microbiology, histology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biomedical engineering, pediatrics, dermatology, chest diseases, neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology, internal and surgery. It also aims at an integrated education. Students who graduate from the “Immunology PhD Program” will be able to direct themselves to different fields or institutions. In this way, the training and skills required for these students to work in the centers where immunology studies are carried out are provided. This qualified manpower will continue its research and studies in universities, industry, public and research centers, moreover, it will continue to cooperate between these institutions and will serve the development and sustainability of our country’s health industry. Preparation will not be applied in the program.

Program coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Yıldız Tütüncü

Prof. Hasan Bayram