Sır / Dans Enstalasyon-Tork Dans Topluluğu

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2024-03-21 20:00

2024-03-21 20:00

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Sır / Dans Enstalasyon-Tork Dans Topluluğu

Yıldız Technical University faculty members and founders of the Tork Dance Group, Sernaz Demirel and Tan Temel, produce independent dance performances in collaboration with artists from different disciplines.

SIR is a journey into the depths of the mind, exploring supraconscious experiences. It reweaves its own unknowing within the flow of the "moment" that exists beyond time and space. It creates its own images. It dissolves what we define as the end and the beginning within the cyclical. It brings them into contact with each other.

My gaze that remains constant within the endless cycle

Had I found the perfect circle?

I opened the door wide

The light seeping into the room was a path

Do I know you?

The hidden expressions in nature

The times we stumble upon their sudden signs and wander around


***This performance will be carried out within the scope of project number SBA-2023-5551, supported by the YTU BAP Coordination.

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Concept & Design & Choreography: Tan Temel + Sernaz Demirel Dancers: Seyit Sercan Çelik, Tan Temel + Sernaz Demirel Music: Arda Eden, Tolga Ünaldı, Oğuz Öner Sculpture Installation & Design: Meliha Sözeri Costume Design: Fırat Neziroğlu Light Design: Ayşe Sedef Ayter