Seminar in Medicine - Dr. Mete Han Kızılkaya

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2023-09-14 23:00

2023-09-15 03:00

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Seminar in Medicine - Dr. Mete Han Kızılkaya

Transcatheter closure of perimembraneous VSDs’ is still one of the most difficult procedures in interventional cardiology. Lifetech™ Konar-MF Occluder device (MFO) is one of them and has been started to used widely. The main purpose of this study is to present long term results of MFO in the transcatheter closure of patients with pmVSD. Procedure and follow-up records of the 52 patients with pmVSD who had undergone transcatheter closure with MFO were reviewed. Demographic, echocardiographic, and procedure details were investigated. Three years follow-up results were also recorded. The total follow up duration is 36 ±7,9 months (18-54 months). We closed pmVSD in 51 patients. The femoral venous approach was used in 27 patients (53 %) whilst no arteriovenous loop was established in the remaining of the patients. No significant procedure-related complication occurred. On day 1 echocardiography, the residual VSD rate was 31%. In the follow-up, at the 6th month follow-up visit, only 4 patients had insignificant residual defects. In the follow-up, a right bundle branch block pattern was developed in one patient. This study showed that MFO is a safe and effective device in the transcatheter treatment of pmVSD’s not only short-term but also long-term follow up.

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Dr. Mete Han Kızılkaya, Koç University Hospital, Department of Pediatric Cardiology