Teaching and Research Assistanship

TA tasks should be arranged in a way that would not exceed average of 10 hours per week

  • Please note that there are actively 16 weeks in Fall and Spring semesters.
  • It should be expected workload in some weeks may be higher than that in other weeks.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of TA tasks. Additional tasks that have the potential to contribute to graduate students’ learning and development can also be expected from them.

  • Course-related tasks
  • Preparing slides and course packages for courses.
  • Holding office hours to answer students’ questions, if necessary.
  • Keeping course records as required.
  • Exam-related TA tasks
  • Monitoring or taking photocopies of exams, when necessary.


Proctoring Exams

  • TAs are expected to be present for proctoring all exams (including make up and amnesty exams) of the courses they are assigned to.
  • They may also be asked to proctor exams for courses, which they are not assigned to as TAs.
  • These extra proctoring assignments would not exceed 4 per academic year.
  • Proctoring assignment will be done centrally by the graduate office.
  • Proctoring may be necessary on weekends, late evenings, or times outside of regular hours.
  • Grading short essays, multiple choice questions or brief definitions in students’ exams; grading project papers. (Grading should be done under close supervision of the faculty member teaching the course.)