Koç University, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Master Program in Nursing aims at providing the necessary knowledge and skills so that the students can use evidence based, theoretical and applied knowledge that they acquire in various areas of professional expertise in nursing and bring solutions to the problems in the physical and psycho-social care of individual/family/society, in accord with the   ethical principles and scientific research methods.

With this aim, the program’s target is to raise specialist nurses in global standards, who can act as a leader for professional nursing, apply nursing care for the people with chronic or acute health problems, follow the most recent scientific literature closely in order to improve the nursing care they apply, interpret and apply the results of the patient’s care, use critical thinking and problem solving skills in practice, conduct research in their field, share their recent research results with their teammates and colleagues, and transmit nursing information on the patients and other teammates.   The Master Program in Nursing at Koç University has started in Turkish in 2014, as a program of the Institute of Health Sciences.  The program includes both compulsory and elective courses in accord with the students’ fields of specialization and particular needs in pediatric nursing, internal diseases nursing, gynecological diseases nursing, management in nursing, psychiatric nursing, public health nursing, essentials in nursing, as well as a seminary, and a thesis work based on an independent research.  The program is currently run by seventeen professors, namely nine full professors, three associate professors and five assistant professors.  The program including the thesis consists of at least seven courses, the total credits of which are no less than 21 (120 ECTS), a seminary and thesis. The seminary and thesis study have no credits, and they are evaluated as “successful” and “unsuccessful”. Students who admitted to the PhD program with the undergraduate degree must complete the 42 credits in order to complete the program.

MS Program Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülcan Bağcivan

PhD Program Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülcan Bağcivan