Microbiology Laboratory

It is equipped with an infrastructure for classical and molecular microbiology studies. Studies are carried out using PCR, real-time PCR, rep-PCR, western blot sanger sequencing techniques in the fields of antibiotic resistance and resistance development in bacteria, determining the molecular factors that affect the virus, the factors affecting virulence and the genotyping of the bacteria. Biofilm studies are carried out with biofilm reactor and confocal microscope. In addition, the infrastructure of the BSL-3 laboratory was established at Koç University Hospital for pathogens that need to be studied at the Biosafety 3 level. In this laboratory, studies on viruses that appear in our country and cause serious infections will be carried out. Please click the Koç University-İş Bank Infectious Diseases Center Website for more detailed information.

Genomic and Proteomic Laboratories

In these laboratories, which are equipped to complement each other, modern biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, DNA / RNA and protein analysis can be performed. In laboratories where automatic cell proliferation analysis can be done with cell culture, drug development and experimentation on cells, responses of cells and cell building blocks against external factors, repair mechanisms can be examined.

Stem Cell and Gene Transplant Laboratory

In this laboratory, which was put into operation in September 2012, gene transplantation and other stem cell technologies are produced and researched through retroviruses for induced Versatile Stem Cell production.

Hemoreology Laboratory

In this laboratory, the physical and chemical properties of blood and blood cells are examined, the effects of the adaptation of blood cells, microcirculation, and the biochemical functions of the cells in health and diseases are investigated.

Neurophysiology Laboratory

Research is carried out in human subjects by recording reflex responses against various stimuli with special devices and mapping different regions of the brain by analyzing the data obtained.

EEG / ERP Research Laboratory

Changes in brain waves are examined against external stimuli in a chamber that is specifically isolated against electromagnetic currents.

Microscopy Laboratory

In this laboratory, established in collaboration with the Faculty of Science, cells and tissues are examined with fluorescent microscopes and confocal microscopes.

Anatomy Laboratory

In this laboratory for student education and research, there are dissection tables as well as cold cabinets and a pool for hiding cadavers. In addition, there are many models for educational purposes and a model room where software that helps advanced interactive education can be used. In addition to this equipment, live organ anatomy lessons are given with one Ultrasound device. Touch anatomage table, which helps cross-sectional and layered comprehension of 3D human anatomy, is among the equipment of the anatomy laboratory.

Dry Multidisciplinary Student Laboratory

It is a well-equipped training laboratory with microscopy, computer and experiment sets where students can perform histology, pathology, physiology-like experiments and research.

Wet Multidisciplinary Student Laboratory

Wet spaces where students can conduct experiments and research in areas such as biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, gas waits, measuring devices etc. is a well-equipped training lab.